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Troduce the Book, librarian shows the learners the cover of the story and introduces the title, the author and the illustrator.
Painting, teacher: Colour in network security ebook pdf and describe the pictures which you hear and see in the song.
Pupils come to the board one by one and describe their pictures.
Pupils are given worksheets with words of colours.Teacher explains how to use film the hangover games paints and brushes.Ad-Aloud, librarian reads the story using props (all of the colored rabbits).The tree is green.Repeat after me first: The apple is red.Pupils recognize colours and paint.The ball is blue. Challenge the learners to look carefully at the pictures.Art teacher invites pupils to sit at the tables. Point out to the learners that on each page a new coloured rabbit is featured.Painting, teacher: You can see colors in the Art room.

Assessment, pupils colour the rabbits according to the teachers instructions.
Pupils listen and recognise colours.
Teacher: You can see colours in the Library.
Pupils sing a Colour Song to revise the colours.
Xnxx sobaka traxit devucka.Reading, pupils recognise and name colours.Have the children sit in a circle and give each child a coloured animal to hold.Take the learners on a picture walk through the book.Teacher presents the names of colors through a short video presentation purple, blue, yellow, pink, green and pupils repeat.The hat is black.