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Adding Automated Tests Adding automated tests for a highlighter is trivial so you are not required to do it, but it can help during development.
Defining Regular Expressions Regular expressions can either be a RegExp or String definition If you're using a regular expression, remember to start and end the line with the / character, like this: token : "cape regex : /wd/ A caveat of using stringed regular expressions.
Again, for a C-style folding mechanism, a range to return for the starting fold might look like this: var line tLine(row var match ldingStartMarker if (match) var i dex; if (match1) return match1, row, i var range tCommentFoldRange(row, i match0.length lumn - 2; return range;.
GotoLine(lineNumber Get total number of lines: tLength Set the default tab size: tTabSize(4 Use soft tabs: tUseSoftTabs(true Set the font size: ntSize'12px Toggle word wrapping: tUseWrapMode(true Set line highlighting: tHighlightActiveLine(false Set the print margin visibility: tShowPrintMargin(false Set the editor to read-only: tReadOnly(true / false.Here is the starter template we'll use to create a new mode: define(function(require, exports, module) "use strict var oop require./lib/oop / defines the parent mode var TextMode require./text.Mode; var Tokenizer var MatchingBraceOutdent / defines the language specific highlighters and folding rules var MyNewHighlightRules var MyNewFoldMode.For more information on extending languages, see " extending Highlighters " below.Kvtna 2011 15:37:00, editor html, CSS i PHP, ne e by jsi nebyl ikovn, ale já scháním editor na html, CSS i PHP ve velkém, todle já nepotebuji.By default ace keeps indentation of previous line tNextLineIndent function(state, line, tab) var indent tIndent(line return indent; ; eckOutdent function(state, line, input) return eckOutdent(line, input ; toOutdent function(state, doc, row) toOutdent(doc, row ; / create worker for live syntax checking eateWorker function(session) var worker.Defining a Mode Every language needs a mode.Start: The starting Range or cursor position to begin the search skipCurrent: Whether or not to include the current line in the search.Wysiwyg Editor bohuel nefunguje v prohlíei Google Chrome.

Run npm install to install required dependencies.
BlockComment start: end: / special logic for indent/outdent.
Js for example, node /Users/Elrond/Language Two files are created and placed in lib/ace/mode windows 7 enterprise keygen rar : one for the language mode, and one for the set of highlight rules.
Afterwards, you should return to the original start state.
Vybrané html editory: PSPad - vynikající editor, zcela zdarma, esky, pouívan profesionálními webdesignery.You can, of course, create longer non-matching groups.Js, and add a sample file for testing.To explain this visually, let's take a look at the syntax highlighter for Lua pages, which combines all of these concepts: var HtmlHighlightRules var LuaHighlightRules var LuaPageHighlightRules function les new for (var i in les) lesi.Js -gen to preserve current output of your tokenizer in tokens_ modeName.json After this running highlight_rules_test.In lib/ace/mode test create a file named text_ modeName.txt with some example code.Without defining a mode, Ace won't know anything about the finer aspects of your language.Set and get content: tValue the new text here / or tValue tValue / or tValue, get selected text: tSelectionRange Insert at cursor: sert Something cool Get the current cursor line and column: tCursor Go to a line: editor.