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Get the follow-up for 20 A Baying of Gnolls called 21 Howling in the Hills.
Head southeast to (81,59) and turn in your quest to Blind Mary and get the follow-up.
This should make you Level.Finally implement cast logic for controlled players.For getting load order set with other mods loaded, please use.This kaspersky pure 3 0 2015 keygen should make you over Level.Make another right to the library and turn in your quest to Milton Sheaf as well as get the follow-up.Get the quest 21 Eight Legged Menaces from Watcher Dodds.Return to Forest Song and turn in your 6 quests here, dont get the follow-ups.Head out of this valley area and northwest on the main road.Go just a ways south to the The Tranquil Gardens Cemetery (79,70).

Turn in your 4 to 5 quests and get one follow-up, 35 Morgan Ladimore from Sirra VonIndi.
Return to Menethil Harbor and turn in your 4 quests but dont get the follow-ups.
By now you should be level 25 or close.Once thats done, fly to Lakeshire.Head northeast, across the river, and go to Goldshire.Mods Made Obsolete by Unofficial Patches.Get the quest 21 The Algaz Gauntlet from Mountaineer Rockgar in front.At number 5, finish the quest 23 Shadow Magic and skip the killing of the two other guys.Side Note: In case you don't know how to install add-ons, simply download an addon from one of the links above and unzip.This time, when you get to the fork, head east.Return to Darkshire and turn in your quest to Viktori PrismAntras.Follow this tunnel all the way through to Stonetalon Mountains.