world edit 1.4 7 single player

snap after - Find the first snapshot after the given date.
snap list num - List the 5 newest snapshots.
brush cylinder -h height - Switch to the cylinder brush simo_415 give boom 2 1.1.2 cracked 35:14 5 (give 5ea red wool).outset -hv - Outset the selection in every direction.toggleeditwand - Toggles the edit wand selection mode, allowing you to use the edit wand item normally.replace - Replace all blocks of the specified block(s) with another block inside the region.mask - Clear the mask /mask - Set a mask /mat - Change the material used by your current brush.Spc Provides generic commands around SPC.It does not move the selection's contents.expand direction - Expands the selection in the specified direction (north, east, south, west, up, down).

brush smooth iterations - Smooth the region.
expand - Expands the selection to include sky to bedrock.
Executes a JS script.
contract direction - Contracts the selection in two directions at once.
size - Get the size of selected region.expand direction - Expands the selection in two directions at once.brush sphere -h - Switch to the sphere brush tool.expand - Expands the selection in the direction that you are looking.snap before -Find the first snapshot before the given date.