wine install ubuntu 13.04

See Building Biarch Wine On Ubuntu 64 bit novell client windows 7 for detailed instructions for Ubuntu using pdf link in php LXC, and Building Wine for general information.
Installing without Internet, to install Wine on an Ubuntu machine without internet access, you must have access to a second Ubuntu machine (or VM) with an internet connection to download the Wine.deb package and its dependencies.
There is a program named notepad on my Ubuntu which I want to remove as I never use.
Exe #fontsmooth setup winetricks fontsmooth-rgb #run photoshop wine Files/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CS6/Photoshop.Install Malwarebytes and Visual Basic.0 Run-Time.I folder of my home directory there deleted the program named notepad.2, install Wine from the Ubuntu Software Center by typing "sudo apt-get install wine" at the command prompt, and then pressing "Enter." Although Wine appears in the Software Center, it will not install.You can update Malwarebytes once the program is running.Copy all of the.deb files in /var/cache/apt/archives to a USB stick: cp -R /var/cache/apt/archives/ /media/usb-drive/deb-pkgs/ Finally, on the machine without internet, install all of the packages from the flash drive: cd /media/usb-drive/deb-pkgs sudo dpkg -i *.deb The same instructions can also be used for.The procedure goes like this: On the machine with internet, add the WineHQ PPA, then cache just the necessary packages without actually extracting them: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:wine/wine-builds sudo apt-get update, then cache just the packages necessary for installing wine, without extracting them: sudo apt-get clean.If you already have Wine installed, all you need to do to install Malwarebytes is to download the installer package from the developer's website and get a copy of the Visual Basic 6 SP6 run-time environment from Microsoft.

Posted by, ajinkya on #Install Photoshop CS6 on Ubuntu, i had posted this article back in 2014 on blog, but re-writting it again since I have closed that website.
However, you can protect yourself from Windows viruses, rootkits and other malicious programs by using utilities like Malwarebytes.
7, follow the prompts to install Malwarebytes, but on the final installer screen, deselect the checkboxes labeled "Enable free trial of Malwarebytes PRO" and "Update Malwarebytes" before you click the "Finish" button.Save the file to the your Downloads directory instead of trying to open it with the Wine installer application.You can recreate them yourself using your menu editor.You can install Photoshop CS6 on Ubuntu using wine1.5 or above.If you have previously used the distro packages, you will notice some differences in the WineHQ ones: Files are installed to /opt/wine-devel.Consult your distro's documentation for update-binfmts if you wish to do this manually.Installing WineHQ packages, if you have previously installed a Wine package from another repository, please remove it and any packages that depend on it (e.g., wine-mono, wine-gecko, winetricks) before attempting to install the WineHQ packages, as they may cause dependency conflicts.