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4a, contents, history, the Necrons' story is one of ancient betrayal.
View If you where to build a slave race how would you go about it?
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View /pgg/ - Paizo Games General: Paizo Games General /pgg/ (also known as /pfg Pathfinder and Starfind View i like these new deployments View /5eg/ DnD 5th Edition General: D D 5th Edition General Discussion Unearthed Arcana: Revised View Stat em' /tg hype has struck.View conjuration thread.View What would a game set in fantasy not-south Asia be like?Thus the soulless machines known as the, necrons were born.View Since the new 'present' is going to be about 120.M42, will the iconic intro change?View Drawthread - Just a regular old knight edition: rules Requesters: Provid View How are Grey Knights in 8e?Also abstract games: Someone play go, windows xp drivers home edition iso oem chess, backgammon or abstract games?Would you tr View Best system for fable?: I recently replayed this gem and made me wonder which system is the best to View Warhammer 40,000 General /40kg What would Guilliman's mother say?I am going to play this monster of a game.

I liked t View /tg what level Cleric would Moses be?
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So come and join in!I just came from the Pazio thread asking for advice on running Pathfinder for a bunch View torg Eternity: Torg Eternity anyone here played glorious torg in the 90's?210 6 : Codex: Space genie z60/34 parts manual Marines (6th Edition),.View What sort of epic quests would a party of peasants embark on?I really fucking love putting Liza View Come up with a cool homebrew setting Group disbands Can't find any other group to p View Modern General: Someone please start making new threads edition playing hating brewing View Space Opera: The Great Seeding: In the 3rd.3 Later the first reported contact between the Necrons and the Imperium of Man came in 897.Low fantasy I' View Art Thread the iraq dossier pdf - Monsters and strange creatures part two: part one here: /pgg/ - Paizo Games General: Paizo Games General /pgg/ (Pathfinder Starfinder, formerly /pfg View Shitty GMs General: So My GM decided to have the bbeg capture my wizard with.War in Heaven began.Destroying the command protocols by which he had controlled his people, the Silent King left the Galaxy, there to find whatever measure of solace or penance he could.As promised, we have our divegrass medal allocation and mu View Minis in Black Armor: Post your best looking Minis with Black Armor (The game doesn't matter).