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Synonyms: Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru 2, Otoboku 2, Otome wa Onee-sama ni Koi Shiteru, The Maiden is Falling in Love With the Elder Sister, The Maiden is Falling in Love With.
10 Shion enters Shy University or a college attached to Seio Girls' Academy 12 13 after her graduation.
Shizuka Nanahara (?, Nanahara Shizuka ) Shizuka who is Kaoruko's mother died soon after Kaoruko was born.One of the defining features about her is that she often ends sentences with the phrase na no desu yo (roughly, "it's the case that.Minao Makabe (?, Makabe Minao ) Voiced by: unpublished (PC/PSP) Minao is same grade with Kaoruko.Yoshiyuki Kaburagi (?, Kaburagi Yoshiyuki ) Voiced by: Hideyuki Tanaka (PC-CD/PS2/PSP) Yoshiyuki is Mizuho's father and the president of the Kaburagi financial group.Kana is more than happy to serve Mizuho in any way she can, since she admires him immensely.She took care of Chihaya during her lifetime.9 16 Shiori Hasegawa (?, Hasegawa Shiori ) Voiced by: Furi Samoto (PC Ryka Yuzuki (PS2/PSP) Shiori was Hisako's khai at Seio Girls' Academy during Hisako's school days.Video Player, video Mirrors, play Online Games *You are currently watching or downloading Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru Episode 8 online for fruity loops plugins pack free in english subbed.

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Other students call her Gozen meaning 'Her Highness' and she often gives someone advice.
Much like Takako, she has a very serious personality and always supports Takako when need.Eventually, she begins to develop feelings and falls in love with Mizuho.Scene: episode #7 Two Juliets (January)?21 Takako was previously invited to join the track and field team during the same time that the elections for new student council members were being held.9 22 She is the seventy-third elder sister and her another name is Kaguya no Kimi.She calls Tenshi-sama meaning angel for Chihaya.TVK, CTC, TVS, SUN, MX, TVA, KBS and kids.