vray cinema 4d r13 win

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Good for overcast skies or for separating sky and sun to gt i9100 fix imei null.zip have independent control over both * Area light now can have bitmap and shader textures now (also rectangular area lights, good to built natural studio lights, light boxes etc) * Lights now can use.
It is no secret that V-Ray has this unique magic light and surface quality artists (and their clients) love.
You need texture scalings rather big (ca 100-500x) * Normal export rewritten, also added extra support for objects with negative flipped axis by vray core.(Mirrored objects with setting axis to -1 will not result on artefacts anymore, no need to use the axis reset tool.Features: Speed export optimisation, on the fly 2d shader baking.Vray for Cinema 4D R15 By Morphogenic 23 MB, vray For Cinema 4d R12 R11.5 R11 R10.5.25 GB, tools 4d Vray for Cinema 4d Video Training vol-02 819 MB, vray Bridge.2.6 Cinema 4D R12-13 gRabb9.49.Due to our easy GI presets in a drop down menu, they are also very simple to use, just choose and use, dont worry about any GI setting anymore (new.2.6) V-Ray is built around GI from ground.It is designed to create digital cinema packages for use in digital cinema.V-Ray is the only application to offer the special V-Ray Lightcache algorithm which is one of the most superior GI methods today.

V-Ray offers the unique fastest and highest quality IRLightchache method which calculates light with unlimited light bounces and gives at the same time instant preview of the image.
Added option to mix inverted vray dirt material to achieve multilayer effect of surface dirt * Added ability to set c4d lights color, even if a vray tag was added (color will be transferred to the vray tag in that case) * Added emit.
Material Weight maps now can be used to limit or multilayer Displacement New Features * Added newest Vray core.90.03 * Added true dispersion in Refraction Layer * Added option to set exit colors on reflection channels * Added option to set exit colors.
Detailed controls by textures or shaders * Added vray Volume environment fog, in Vray environment settings.Easy global reflection depth control support for special c4d tiling shaders like c4d brick shader vrscene output translate tab many times enhenced export for high polygon proxies new bump material support of mesh lights.Global illumination is not only and effect in V-Ray, it is its base core.Support for sub folders in search paths.This comes from special ways V-Ray handles and calculates light, surfaces and images internally in a very well balanced way.