volvo penta sx shop manual

Protect the gear face.
Press the gear from the bearing using Press Tool PIN (D.
Use akai 265d owner manual canon ir 3170 manual the same crisscross pattern to tighten all six locknuts to a final setting of.SX Models Only: Apply Volvo Penta Gasket Sealing Compound to the drain plug, and tighten to 60-84.Shim under the lower driveshaft bearing cup, and.0t.Grease Fitting and Tube -must be unobstructed.D Switch circuit malfunction.Turn the pinion bearing carrier while game of thrones s01e04 direct tightening the screw to seat the bearings.Install washer and cotter pin.Tighten the fittings to 14-18.Make sure not to sand through the original paint of the stern drive.Clean the entire area with an acid cleaner that does not contain fluoride, such as DuPont.Attach the long starboard line (C) to the upper port of the manifold.

If anode appears to be corroded on its surface, but is not deteriorating, it should be repnaced.
Tighten nuts and screws until they just contact plate and transom.
Q DR2949 Drill Size Conversion Chart showingmillimeter sizes, fractionaland decimal iNCH sizes AND number drill sizes Milii-Dec.Clean parts in solvent and dry thoroughly.It is essential that all components are kept absolutely clean and dust free.Since shims are added in pairs, the difference would have to exceed.030.263 Hydraulic Pressure Specifications.Service and maintain the stern keep the products safe and reliable.Installation of Trim/Tit Motor.Vertical Driveshaft 8rid Water Tube Guide Removal -.Retighten the clearance again.