volvo 122 owner's manual

Coat the sealing surfaces with a suitable compound, such as silicon rubber.
The sea-water intake, the sea-cock and the strainer must have a sufficiently large through-flow area to avoid constriction losses and the subsequent reduced water supply to the pump.
156 Removing the oil reservoir 156 Replacing filters 156 Removing the electric motor.
The directive also allows boat builders and component manufacturers to issue assurances of compliance with the requirements of the directive.
Install the cover and push it into its po- sition and measure the clearance with a feeler gauge all around.Install the pin (2) and.Install the stud screws D in the intermediate housing.Then install the new cylinder attachment.Used in combination with digital probe tester Flange.Engine including heat exchanger Max.The water flow rate must also be the same if results from different measurements are to be compared.If the deviation from normal mass flow is substantial, even a diesel engine will lose power.Clean the sterndrive externally.

Lines with an excessively small bore, unsuitable routing, incorrect connections etc will cause restrictions and lead to abnormal engine temperatures.
Earlier the thrust sleeve was locked only with the counter nut.
The following instructions cover the replacement of parts making up the trim pump unit.This includes 3 90 bends for each cable.General Information About the Workshop Manual Spare parts This Workshop Manual contains technical information, descriptions, and repair instructions for the standard versions of the drive units 280, 280T, 280PT, 285, 285A, 290, 290A, 280-DP, 280-DP/PT, 290-DP, 290A-DP, SP-A, SP-A1, SP-A2, SP-C, DP-A, DP-A1, DP-A2, DP-B.In a steering and instruments, navigational equipment and two lever control there is one lever for shifting and one alarm systems are located practically.The bliss medium font mac engine itself sucks in air very effectively and, naturally, will take in air from any direction.Make sure there is adequate ventilation.Remove the locking wire (3 the springs (4) and the balls (5) and pull out the excentric piston (6).This results in smoky exhaust and the turbocharger operating at abnormally high speeds with increased wear.