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Msdn Blog Microsoft project director Jensen Harris used Segoe UI and madagascar penguins pc game Constantia in a December 2005 Microsoft blog post touting the new fonts arrival on the scene.
66 said they would use this font for their assignments.
I imagine the MS Sans Serif preview will only work on Windows, and the other one will additionally work on Leopard, but nothing else.Vista Fonts in the Wild Screenshot of an Itst.XP users also have an online version of the CT Power Toy available for their use.The whitelisting process can take its time so once a request has been filled out, you may set the invisible parameter on the tag to true.Nyala The titanium backup full version least known of the eight Vista fonts, Nyala, is supplied with Windows Vista and Windows 7, as well as with Windows Server.

You can get the 6 "C" fonts by downloading and installing the free Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 2007.
Because context matters in this case, I should say that I took these screenshots using Firefox on a Windows XP machine with ClearType enabled.
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I've just removed it and pasted it below.
64 said they would use this for news articles.54 said they would use this font in IMs.I cordially despise everyones default monospace fault, Courier New, much preferring Andale Mono and other more stylish monospaces.In my view it is a backward step from the old Windows Standard rendering.Jason Beaird, the majority of computer users became aware of Microsoft Windows Vista on January 30, 2007, when the company released the new operating system publicly.Constantia Times New Roman/Times, Apple Garamond, or Georgia Also pairs off well with Book Antiqua, the Palatino font family, and Linuxs Liberation Serif.Customized versions of DejaVu Sans Mono have also appeared in Panic's Coda and the latest version of BBEdit, so it seems appropriate that Apple would base Menlo on this font.Unicode decimal and hex numbers for IPA symbols The Unicode manual lists code numbers only in hexadecimal.M a k o 20:19, (UTC) Font preview selfrefTechnical note: These previews will display correctly only in operating systems containing these fonts; otherwise the font used is likely the browser's default text font.