vba convert to pdf and email

One last tip: if you do not hurry, version 9 should be out in March, with many other new interesting features.
Then ensure this rule is applied first (Applied in Order Shown and that should solve your problem).
Just a tip that may work for you guys, after googling, I found a superb trick to shrink the size of PDFs, I reduced with it one PDF of 300 MB to just 15 MB with an acceptable resolution!In both cases the ouput resolution is much higher and better than this way using convert: convert -density 300x300 -quality 100 mine1.pdf mine2.pdf merged.If you want to be picky, the tool "Text" is limited and the interface is less rational than Acrobat's, but all in all, I would say rhodes chroma sevice manual that it is a great substitute.In this way you wouldn't need to install anything else, just work with what you already have installed in your system (at least both come by default in my rhel).What can I do?Try the good ghostscript: gs -dbatch -dnopause -q -sdevicepdfwrite -sOutputFilemerged.Tested on Mint and Ubuntu and it works great!End Sub, watch the video to learn quickly and easily how to automate the Excel to PDF document creation and also email the PDF document automatically via Outlook using VBA: 4, watch the video on,.Hope this helps, update: first of all thanks for all your nice comments!D.send.Display, end With, set OutLookMailItem Nothing, set OutLookApp Nothing.

I want the columns to stay white.
WikiHow Contributor, you can create a new rule - "Format only cells that contain 2008 dodge ram 2500 owners manual pdf hit "cell value" and choose "blank" instead.
Pdf mine1.pdf mine2.pdf or even this way for an improved version for low resolution PDFs (thanks to Adriano for pointing this out gs -dbatch -dnopause -q -sdevicepdfwrite -dpdfsettings/prepress -sOutputFilemerged.
Download a sample file by clicking on the Excel icon: Further reading: d Method (Outlook).Pick whatever formatting you desire.We have earlier learnt how to send emails automatically via.Set OutLookApp set OutLookMailItem eateItem(0 set myAttachments tachments.And all of this with the good ghostscript, here it is: gs -sdevicepdfwrite -dCompatibilityLevel1.4 -dpdfsettings/default -dnopause -dquiet -dbatch -dDetectDuplicateImages -dCompressFontstrue -r150 -sOutputFileoutput.Dim OutLookApp As Object, dim OutLookMailItem As Object, dim myAttachments As Object.With OutLookMailItem.To.Subject Data.Body The Excel data is attached in PDF format.Personally, I tried, pDF Studio and I must admit it looks original Acrobat on its features (the gui, however, is not fantastic).