uwatec smart z manual pdf

Well tell you the information the instruments imparted at different stages of a typical dive and leave it to you to decide which one has got it right.
If you intend to do a series of deeper dives, gas supplies with single cylinders could be an issue.
The Apeks/Seiko, standard Mares and Oceanic Z required 3 or 4min/3m, while the Mares with caution wanted 6min, the Galileo MB1 required 5min/3m and the MB2 2min/6m.However, the more cautious id card design software crack Mares and the Galileo MB2 both had 4min left to do at 3m, while the dsat Oceanic still lincoln impinger model 1921-4 manual required 22min.Meanwhile, both the Suunto rgbm 100 and the Suunto RGM50 algorithms gave 3m stops.This is where different versions of decompression theory come into play.32min/5m Most of the computers were into no deco/safety stop time by now.Price: 399 with transmitter.

I was once chided by a dive-guide for making a 20-minute deco stop while she waited impatiently.
28min/7.5m Both Suuntos required 2min/3m, as did the standard Mares and the Apeks/Seiko.
It is pointless setting MB0 on a Galileo, because it effectively deactivates any micro-bubble calculation.We had to alter our plans on site and substitute on the rig VR Technologys VRX for the NHeO we had wanted to test, because the display of the NHeO was not bright enough to photograph in tropical ambient light.In contrast, the PF1 Mares was piling on the stops, with 15min/3m required, and we knew the dsat Oceanic was going to be a casualty of a dive it was not designed.But its not just a simple mathematical calculation.Sometimes there are factors that make you want to get out of the water rather than stay.We counted seven different algorithms among the 10 computers we strapped side by side and took diving, and two of these were in the same computer as an option.With an appealing look.SO what IS THE core function oiving computer.However the Mares Nemo Wide with PF1 now needed 24min/3m.Apeks Atemregler CTX/ATX 200 Atemregler Betriebsanleitung (Stand: 2002) 265.9 KB, apeks Atemregler CTX/ATX 50, CTX/ATX 40, CT/AT 20 Atemregler Betriebsanleitung (Stand: 2003) 324.6 KB, apeks Atemregler Second Stage Regulator - Service-.