use itextsharp to convert html to pdf c#

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I will primarily focus on the PdfSharp and MigraDoc libraries, which are free C# libraries available from t/.
The class provides a simplified printing process for MigraDoc documents and fundamentally, it integrates with the.NET framework's printing provisions, rendering the PDF one page at a time on a Graphics object.
Xml.xmlworkerHelper; public class HtmlToPDF2 / itextpdf-5.4.1.jar t/projects/itext/files/iText/ / xmlworker-5.4.1.jar t/projects/xmlworker/files/ public static void main(String.Black, rect, pLeft lineCount; y fontHeight; double topY y - (lineCount * fontHeight) - linePadding; / Draw a line below the text gfx.The most appropriate library to use is thus very much dependent on the task at hand.I then draw two horizontal lines above and below the text, save the document and display it to the user.The iTextSharp library is a C# port of iText; a well known and long established Java library for PDF creation.Many things like form elements or external images are not supported.

ITextSharp is free for non-commercial use but requires a license for commercial development.
This is possible because PdfSharp has a particularly general biology lab manual answers useful feature: the ability to wrap a GDI Graphics object (as used by the.NET framework).
In PdfSharp you are responsible for controlling every aspect of the rendering process which is done by drawing lines, strings and shapes at specified coordinates on a PDF graphics context.
DllImport gdi32.dll static extern int GetDeviceCaps(IntPtr hdc, int capability private const int physicaloffsetx 112; / Physical Printable Area x margin private const int physicaloffsety 113; / Physical Printable Area y margin.However, complications arise when one tries to do anything out of the ordinary.One of my readers reported me the above error when exporting t GridView to PDF when he used the latest version of iTextSharp DLL instead of the one provided in the article sample.A4; / Obtain an XGraphics object to render.Unsatisfied with the above approach I investigated further options for PDF printing.PdfSharp, pdfSharp utilises a PdfDocument object, to which we add and render individual pages.The code extract below shows that the PrintPage delegate is called with a set of intPageEventArgs, from which a aphics objects can be extracted.