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More Ambient Light Articles on uwpg, understanding White Balance, when you set your camera's white balance, you are telling it what you expect the color temperature of your photo will.
However, if there is an abundance of one colour in the image, or if there is no actual white for the meter to use as a reference, the system can be fooled, resulting in an image with a colour cast.
If you are shooting your images in any mode other than RAW, the camera will post-process the image to make the colours in the scene as accurate as possible.
(Cloudy symbols for ntdll dll adjusts for a cloudy sky or a shady location.ScubaBoard Forums m All Rights Reserved m Website designed.Shooting ambient light means you are using the sun as your light source.This sets a colour temperature of around 6,000K.Auto White Balance, you can use this setting as a default in most straightforward lighting conditions.Press the shutter, and the camera will record the white balance at this depth.This created vivid light rays and dramatic shadows".

Custom White Balance allows you to tell the camera which area in the scene is supposed to be white.
I have used my buddy's silver or white tank in a pinch, and it worked well.
Menu 3, white Balance desired mode, in White Balance modes other than.Temp./Filter, you can fine tune the color tone as you like.
Notes The message Custom WB Error indicates that the value is beyond the expected range.Sony a7R II with 28mm fisheye converter.Fluor.: Day White: Adjusts for day white fluorescent lighting.However, it is very rare that you will actually be shooting at noon and so this setting will work best for the greatest part of the day.But, remember, if you do this you will need to take a few test shots to calibrate your colour temperature meter with the cameras meter.This is why, in tricky lighting conditions, we have to set the white balance to ensure the result sniper ghost warrior 2 full version pc we want.(For example, when the flash is used on a subject in close proximity or when a brightly colored subject is in the frame.) If you register this value, the indicator turns yellow on the recording information display.