transformers rescue bots episode 1

However, many of the town's top scientists of that era seem to be non-white.
It took him quite some time to process that a lion wasn't the best choice for a Team Pet.
Quarry" it's implied she's uncomfortable with someone replacing her mother.
Gentle Giant : micro box unlock software Boulder, as shown by his immediate preference for saving the "natural beauty" around a burning building during the events of the first episode.Heatwave isn't happy about this fact at first, especially in regards to being bossed around by Kade.Missing the Good Stuff : In "Deep Trouble the one time Dani, Graham and Kade chose to blow off the annual fishing trip it ended up not being boring.Drill Sergeant Nasty : High Tide's methods of training the team at ocean rescues are very much in line with this trope.His robot mode design (treads for arms, front for legs) is also similar to Scavenger 's.Art Shift : The series goes from being animated in ToonBoom in the first season to Adobe Flash in the second.

Heatwave, Chase, Blades, and, boulder, the last surviving group serial keys windows 7 ultimate 64 bit of "Rescue Bots who come to Earth in response to Optimus Prime's message to Autobots scattered across the universe.
Frankie's mom is never seen, either.
Even the youngest, Cody, who isn't even an adult, is willing to put his life on the line.
In "The Attack of Humungado Danny: How can a monster from a movie be in Griffin Rock?Never Say "Die" : Taken to silly extremes in "The Haunting of Griffin Rock comparing dead people to time-travelers instead of simply calling them dead.The Rescue Bots do predate the militarization of Cybertron, but it's unclear just how much fighting they were involved in as part of their job.Acrophobic Bird : Blades isn't a fan of heights.Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?E MC Hammer : Averted with the calculus equation on the chalkboard in "Deep Trouble".Brainwashed : All Rescue Bots.The notable difference in this case, however, is that Rescue Bots is (more or less) pokemon hacked roms nds firmly set in the Transformers mythos.