tomb raider anniversary manual save

When you enter, get the keymaker betamaster v 4.0 1 Grapple from the rim of the fountain.
Go down the stairs and follow the hallway to the end.
Get the Journal and read the open book to the right of the door to get the third clue of the main puzzle.
As you exit the alcove, jump to grab the green handholds on the left.
This will make the ball fall down and it will roll to the circular pressure plate.The instruction page covers this as well.Push/ pull it on the plate and the panel will remain open.Note about the three clues (and some spoilers) - Until now, you have read three clues and got three words in capitals: BOW, arrow and gears.Go to the right side of the Main Hall (if the entrance is to your back) and step on the pressure plate.Peru Saves - Last checkpoint in each level Greece Saves - Last checkpoint in each level Egypt Saves - Last checkpoint in each level Lost Island Saves - Assorted Anniversary Unlocked - Game 100 complete, all time trials done, all bonuses and cheats unlocked Special.Traverse to the left and around the corner and jump to grab the crevice above.Traverse around the corner and jump to grab the scaffolding behind you; pull.Rotate the sundial so the gnomon points to XI (11 then II (2) and finally VI (7).When you reach the ground, make your way back to the last scaffolding (just before jumping for the handle).

"And Gilead knew the gears of his heart would never turn again as he sacrified his one true love to save the kingdom he had fought for so long to protect." - The Trials of Gilead, Volume III.
Supposedly PSP games do not have regional encoding, but since some users have reported problems with my first PSP centaur save, which was made with the North American game, I have also included an alternate save made with the.K.
All of the following files were made with the North American (ntsc) version of the game.
For taking the time to compile and share his saves from the entire game.This is one of the three clues of the main puzzle.From the left balcony, the first door leads to the Library and the second one to Lara's bedroom.For the PC game error "Unable to load Profile!You can quit the Manor at any time (there are various Checkpoints, but you cannot save manually) and keep the Artifacts and items you have found.Go to the stack of crates and locate the movable one (as shown tiger woods pga tour 12 wii manual pdf in this screenshot ).It can be explored in any way you like, but the walkthrough covers the rooms without backtracking, unless it is necessary.Jump off the ledge and use the Grapple to catch the ring.Continue to the next room and push the two pink buttons to open the bookcase in the middle and reveal a pair of Pistols.Jump to grab the upper crevice and traverse around the two corners.