tokyo mew mew episode 11

Accuse him of animal abuse.
Tell him that "the blue knight" is a really gay name.
Enjoy listening to the song Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield as you watch this awesome.
Mmhmm yeahh, that long.Tokyo Mew Mews - Witch Doctor.Send him phone calls acting like your a terrorist and telling him that Ichigo is being held captive and if he doesn't rescue her in the next five minutes she'll die and they'll blow up his house.Mew - Rows 03:02, mew - Witness 06:09, mew - Satellites 02:34, mew - Repeater Beater 04:45 Mew - She Spider 08:53 Mew - Comforting Sounds Album Version 03:26 Mew - Swimmers Chant 04:49 Mew - Am I Wry No 04:42 Mew - Symmetry Blue.Spread rumours that he's cheating prince of tennis episode 1 on Ichigo with Kisshu.Say that his face is orange.(This will annoy Kisshu too!).This is an Anime Music Video (AMV).Keep doing this until he replies to one.

Stand outside his classroom and laugh as he tries to explain to his teacher that the reason he never does his homework is because as soon as he gets it some crazy weirdo runs of with it (along with half his living room furniture) and.
Pour wallpaper paste all over his head.
Make sure you are in the room at that point, and at the top of your voice yell "masaya'ERV, help ME I'M scared OF himm!".Tell everyone that he is gay, even write it into the newspaper.08:18, the Goslings - Mew 03:05, struluckt - Mew 04:01, sheridan - Mew Alert Remix 06:48, stuart Hamm - Windsor Mews 07:21, mew - Cartoons And Macreme Wounds 06:04, mew - My Complications 06:01.Do the "I got your nose!" thing to him.Song Unwritten Artist Natasha Bedingfield By Sesshylover18 Comment enjoy!Send him dirty text messages, pretend they're from Ichigo.(And it gets sent to the real Ichigo.).I didn't have any good episodes to work with, so I'll probably re-make.