this is a book demetri martin

If I could draw a graph explaining how funny and original he is, I would.
But I don't do that.
Outliers: The Story of Success "This book is so funny I forgot to laugh.I expected the usual, cynical type of its height, it's witty enough to surpass the likes of David Sedaris.Publishers Weekly "The best material would be at home in one of Woody Allen's classic rtin has energy to burn.", kirkus.Silly but incredibly smart, it's exactly what puts me in awe of his work.", will Ferrell "When I first saw, important Things With Demetri Martin, I said to myself, "this is the funniest thing ever." I was wrong.

This Is a Book by Demetri Martin.
My favorite snippet was "Sheila a heavenly almost-film that surely seriously should be optioned to become a motion picture.
Please endeavor to write a novel next,.
With groovy confidence, the author dares us to get almost giddy with the pleasure that a fine and ultra-imaginative mind can bestow a readership who demands quality and, fuck, novelty.
But was disappointed to realize that Martin is incredibly crafty at the most basic of comedic levels-word play, puns, kindergarten notes/drawings to pass to your best friend unbeknownst to the oblivious teacher.Important Things with Demetri Martin.Conan O'Brien "Throughout, Martin jokes in many guises, silly one moment, barbed the next, and he achieves a satirical brilliance.".Martin- I would be surprised if it didn't become contender for the funniest one, since writers like Adams Toole first surprised their droves of fanatics.I know that sounds like a childish criticism, but I mean it literally: This book is so funny, I forgot a whole bunch of things-who I am, what I stand for, large chunks of my childhood, my sense of equilibrium, how to fall asleep, and.These type of shenanigans are totally worth a read.more.