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It had to be suppressed.
Geneva convention: Treatment of manual de taller hyundai sonata 1999 prisoners of war.
Iraq accepts Security Council resolution 1441 Letter from foreign minister to UN Secretary-General, 13 November 2002 (full text) Security Council resolution 1441 On the return of weapons inspectors to Iraq.
Similarly, on the same page, Marashi writes that the Mukhabarat had a role in: aiding opposition groups in hostile regimes The British dossier renders this as: supporting terrorist organisations in hostile regimes.
P 12 is entirely copied from Mr Marashi (on Special Security).Blair's open letter to Iraq, april 4 2003 : The full text of the message from the prime minister, Tony Blair, to be distributed as a leaflet by British troops in Iraq.For example, the UK dossier claims on p 3 that: Journeys are monitored by security officers stationed on the route if they have prior intelligence.Tony Blair's address on Towards Freedom TV Excerpts from Saddam Hussein's speech April 4: This is a Reuters translation of excerpts from Saddam Hussein's message read out on television by the information minister, Mohamed Saeed al-Sahaf.P 6 is a simplified version of Mr Marashis diagram at: p 7 is copied (top) from Mr Gause (on the Presidential Secretariat auslogics crack срєрсрсс ррсрїр»рсрр and (middle and bottom) from Mr Boyne (on the National Security Council).The dossier is ordered as follows: p 1 is the summary.Colin Powell was a central political instrument.7 October, 2002 British dossier on Iraq (1) Assessment by the British government on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.George Bush's speech March 18: The US president's war ultimatum speech from the Cross Hall in the White House.

Full text in English, with link to Arabic version.
Hans Blix's briefing to the security council Feburary 14: The chief weapons inspector's speech to the UN security council.
WMD report at a glance Conclusions and recommendations of the foreign affairs select committee in their report into the government's use of intelligence ahead of the war in Iraq.
(pdf) Speeches 'We will persevere' May 25 2004: George Bush sets out the US's role in Iraq after the handover.Indeed, they plagiarized, directly cutting and pasting or near"ng.The only exceptions to these acts of copying were the tweaking of specific phrases.For example, Mr Marashi had written: Saddam appointed, Sabir Abd al-Aziz al-Duri as head (.) There is a misplaced comma after the second word.Blair, Bush and Aznar in the Azores March 16: : Press conference given by US president George Bush, British prime minister Tony Blair, Spanish prime minister Jose Maria Aznar and Portugal's prime minister Jose Durao Barroso.