tasco reflector telescope manual

Below in this article you will see that magnification is one of the least important factors to en windows 8 x86 dvd 915417 iso msdn consider when purchasing a telescope!
Once you have these basic information listed above, you can determine which items to purchase in order to upgrade your telescope.
Keep in mind however that the vast majority of observing is done using LOW magnification!
Orion has dropped this line of eyepieces, so the only path is to get what is known as a "hybrid diagonal" (described below) and some good quality.25" eyepieces.
If you want to go "one better" in quality, you could consider the Orion Telescopes and Binoculars Sirius Plossl series of eyepieces (see more about them on my Telescope Eyepiece Fundamentals Page.The Orion Sirius Plossl eyepieces are a bit more expensive than the Explorer II eyepieces.These eyepieces offer performance that is very, very good, to get significantly better performance you will have to spend a LOT more.For scopes that take.25" eyepieces, use the list below (based on the focal length of your telescope) to find the recommended eyepiece: If your scope's focal length is 500mm, I recommend the Orion 17mm Sirius Plossl.25" Eyepiece.Not only do Tasco eyepieces have narrow fields, the "sweet spot" of the field that is visible is even smaller!

Back in the 60's and early 70's, Tasco actually marketed a decent product (excluding eyepieces).
Tasco continues to claim preposterous maximum magnifications for many of their scopes (Tasco does this because they know that most people equate magnification with the "power" of the scope).
This eyepiece will produce a magnification of 36x in your scope.
Many of the model numbers appear to be some combination of the lens (or mirror) diameter in millimeters, the focal length, and the maximum advertised magnification.These eyepieces are of very good quality and will allow any Tasco telescope to perform to its limits.Please request permission to use photos for purposes other than "personal use".If your scope's focal length is 900mm, I recommend the Orion.5mm Sirius Plossl.25" Eyepiece.See my other article Advice for first time telescope buyers formore on picking out a good first telescope.I personally recommend products offered by Orion Telescopes and Binoculars.Tasco "lures in" unknowing people (often parents shopping for a scope for their child) by stating a preposterously high magnification for their telescopes.Also, a few Tasco scopes actually come with eyepieces that are sensible for the scope!If your telescope uses.25" eyepieces, you will want the Orion Prism Star Diagonal,.25" Remember: If your telescope is of the reflecting type (uses a mirror instead of a lens do not purchase a star diagonal!The diameter of the mirror or objective (or mirror if it is a Newtonian reflector telescope) is the fundamental specification that determines how "powerful" a telescope.