stop c0000135 gdi32 dll

I made the search in the Windows XP DDK headers.
I pressed F8 during boot and tried ".
Then, start winecfg and add dll overrides (native, builtin) for the following DLLs: dplayx, dpnet, dpnhpast and dpwsockx.
Windowskernel32 cwindowssystem32i386winpe windows, stop:C0000135 Unknown Hard gta 5 full version setup Error, win7.Another way is using Windows PE CD (Bart PE or WindowsLive).But today I saw the same error on the computer in our local network.MessageId: status_DLL_init_failed / DLL Initialization Failed / Initialization of ycomp5 3 16 0.dll the dynamic link library hs failed.However he didn't remember this fact.Second chance!) eax0012fc54 ebx00000000 ecx0012fc80 edx7c90e4f4 esi7ffd8000 edic0000022 eip7c96478e esp0012fc54 ebp0012fca4 iopl0 nv up ei pl zr na pe nc cs001b ss0023 ds0023 es0023 fs003b gs0000 efl00000246 ntdll!#define status_DLL_init_failed (ntstatus) 0xC0000142L now I found the source of the problem.RtlRaiseStatus0x26: 7c96478e c9 leave 0:000 k, childEBP RetAddr 0012fca4 7c93f14e ntdll!It does more than this, and for any process troubleshooting, it's an amazing time-saver.Dll, modLoad: 7c800000 7c8f6000 C:windowssystem32kernel32.dll, modLoad: a000 glut32.dll.Up vote 3 down vote Try running with the dependency walker.

But when the computer tried to go to the graphic mode it is immediately rebooted.
RtlRaiseStatus0x26 0012fd1c 7c90e437 ntdll!_LdrpInitialize0x ntdll!
Last known good configuration ".
Dll, comctl32.dll (They can be transferred on one floppy as well).
C: cdb bugrepro, microsoft (R) Windows Debugger Version.11.0001.404 X86.Exe could not start because it could not load the one or more linked DLLs.By Amerigo12084 on Saturday March 22nd 2014, 10:48 by Horaiu Mlendea on Friday February 13th 2015, 0:52 by Maik Wagner on Saturday June smartdraw 2009 serial crack crack 30th 2012, 4:14 by K1773R on Saturday June 30th 2012, 7:56 by Jeremie on Thursday July 31st 2008, 22:50 by Jeremie.Dll, something wrong in Windows updates process?No software has been installed.