stella scooter owners manual

Scooterworks and, scooterWest online for parts.
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Part of the fun of owning a scooter is playing around with modifications to the body.
Adly atelier service, adly atv-100 v(EU2) Parts, adly ATV-150SII(226A) '05-'06 parts.If it is, make sure the fuse hasn't blown.If the scooter doesn't turn over when you've done all the required operations, there's an electrical problem with the battery.Motorcycles cant compete with the 90 mpg you can get on scooters.Some scooters also have what the British call a curry hook which is a simple hook to hang a bag between your feet.Both Salsbury and Cushman soon found their factories overwhelmed with military orders.Motorcycles, if youre in the market for a motorized bike, you might wonder whether you should purchase a scooter or a motorcycle.The Buddy 125 has a 125cc engine, an msrp of 2699, gets 90 mpg, and tops out at 50 mph.In 1946, the first Piaggio-made scooter rolled off the factory line.It's the only electrical powered component attached to the carburetor, so it's usually not hard to spot.

The valve has three hoses connected.
Lots of people charge for motorcycle service and workshop manuals online which is a bit cheeky I reckon as they are freely available all over the internet.
Its equally useful, however, for that quick stop at the corner store on your way home from work.Check your owner's manual to make sure that you are doing all you need to to complete the electrical circuit which enables it to start.Piaggio had manufactured Italian airplanes during World War II, but its factory was completely destroyed during air raids.An inexpensive scooter will typically have a 50cc engine, meaning youll be maxed out at about 35 mph.To check for a spark, remove the spark plug from the cylinder, hold the tip of the plug against the cylinder head and crank the engine.workshop manual engine Barossa silverhawk 250E1RF Parts Barossa_Barossa 170 magna parts Barossa_Barossa 50mini parts Barossa_Barossa AK3-50 mini II parts Barossa_Barossa Brossa jumbo parts Barossa_Barossa python 100cc parts Barossa_Barossa python 50cc parts Barossa_Barossa quarterback 170E2R parts Barossa_barossa quarterback 170R parts manual Barossa_Barossa Quarterback 20II partie.If the scooter has been sitting for a few months with gas direct one piece episode 297 in the carburetor, the gas may have evaporated and left a sticky "gum" behind that will prevent the carburetor from working properly and which must be removed.If you really get into scootering, you can even start racing.A Guide to Buying Your First Scooter.