sony playstation wireless stereo headset manual

In fact, other than a paper manual nothing is included other than the headphones.
Packaging wise, Im impressed a cardboard carton inside holds the headphones, sitting inside the thin, printed box.
Its built well and looks good.
The transmitter itself looks like a pretty standard USB memory stick, also cased in matt black plastic, and a blue strip lights up on the front when its in use.A status bar will appear briefly in the top right hand corner of the screen (whichever PS3 screen youre in) and will re-appear whenever you change a setting, When it comes to headphones Im always worried as I have a large head (no jokes, please).Youd need to be spending twice the money for an equivalent Turtle Beach headset.After the disaster that was my 4Gamers headset, I decided to put a bit more money into what is becoming an essential piece of kit for my PS3 gaming.The main selling feature, apart from its wireless connectivity, spy hunter nowhere to run game is the virtual.1 surround.Unfortunately, the headphones and instruction manual are inside a plastic bag, the use of which Im unsure it would work equally well without them and reduce the whole packaging down to easily recyclable materials.The headphones look really good matt black plastic with a thin, metal band over the top.On the back is a Mini-USB connector for charging, the same type used for the controllers.

Excellent sound, well thought out microphone, the Downs.
To this end, the best value for money, I believe is the official Sony wireless headset.
This isnt a problem here they expand more than enough and the cushioning on the ears and under the band makes it very comfortable in use.
Right now you can buy these headphones at Amazon for under 64 (inc.Sound wise, they are excellent plenty of bass and the surround sound, although artificially created, makes game sounds that bit more realistic.A quick tap of the power button will act as a mute (and the LED will change from blue to purple) and a double click will get the LED light to indicate the current battery level.If youre after a gaming headset for your PS3 and dont want to pay hundreds for the most professional sets, you really cant go wrong wit direct one piece episode 297 these I love them!I tried it on Battlefield 3 and it really enhanced the feeling of being there.