sony blu-ray disc firmware update

The player has received firmware updates since its release, the most recent one being released in 2012.
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Press the "Home" button.
The only thing to ensure is that the power doesnt go out while its installing, so dont do it during a thunderstorm or tornado, hurricane etc.
In order to perform the firmware update, it is necessary to have the system correctly connected to a compatible television.Select Start and then press the enter button.The player will gives the option to output Dolby Digital or DTS via the Toslink (optical or coax or selectively downmix either independently to PCM.4, scroll upward to choose "On.Please see the, update via Internet Instructions section, for more information.4, press the center, or "enter" button.You may want to turn qtcore4.dll windows 7 64 it off and on again to make sure the settings are in place.5 DVD-Audio, sacd, and Compact Disc playback edit The player is not 64 bit novell client windows 7 compatible with any audio disc format, as a BD-only drive is used.2, test the connection before attempting to update the Sony firmware.Verify that the network connection and settings are correct.It is recommended to have network speed above than 512Kbps to use Update via Internet to avoid slow firmware update process.

Compatibility with the BD-R/RE format (bdmv and corrects the output signal status information for audio output and display when Linear PCM.1 channel soundtracks are played via hdmi.
"Sony ES BDP-S2000ES 1080p Blu-ray Disc Player".
Update via Internet FAQ When running network update, the television displays the message, Connection status cannot be confirmed or This device is not connected to network and you cannot perform the firmware update.
Please perform the following procedure:.
4, return to the home screen to use your Blu-ray player.It should show you what your current system version is and what the newest update.Once the firmware update is complete, it will power off and power back on automatically.Having problems playing a new movie?Retrieved April 19, 2016.They also indicate that updates are only available online (via the player and not by downloading to a CD or USB.Do not power off the Blu-ray Disc player or disconnect it from the AC power outlet.