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In In Water, James drowns himself by suicide.
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Ki-No-Ko - Silent Hill Ki-No-Ko.
Maria: What, James?
2 76 Reactions to the Xbox port were also positive."The 36 Best PS2 Games, page 2, Feature Story from GamePro".Silent Hill 2 - Underground Prison Toluca Prison.In the town of Silent Hill, southeast to Rosewater Park, there is a building entitled.25 Silent Hill 2 features six endings, all presented as equally possible; Konami has kept their canonicity ambiguous.

Level/area: Born from a Wish.
More humanoid than their counterparts in the preceding game, some of the monsters were designed to reflect James' subconscious.
What if he is able to exploit the town's ability to offer redemption in a way that no other individual in the franchise has been able to do?I know I was a burden on you.A b c d e f g h IGN Staff.Angela disappears past the flames, apparently killing herself off-screen.As it was unable to gather information on the then-unannounced GameCube and Xbox consoles, they began production of the game for the PlayStation.Pyramid Head manages to slaughter Maria while they attempt to make their escape via an elevator.11 Other influences on the game included the 1992 survival horror video game Alone in the Dark, 11 the first Silent Hill game, 11 and the Japanese comic Whirr by Morohashi.And they still grant power to those who venerate them.The Old Gods haven't left this place.