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Dll A-Tools Context Menu Shell manual para base de datos en access Extension A-Tools Control Panel applet InCom-Service c:windowssystem32atools.
Dll shell32.dll Windows Shell Common Dll Microsoft Corporation c:windowssystem32shell32.dll ExtensionsApproved desc_PublishDropTarget Photo Printing Wizard Microsoft Corporation c:windowssystem32photowiz.Exe hklmsoftwaremicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWinlogonShell Explorer.Exe PolicyAgent Manages IP security policy and starts the isakmp/Oakley (IKE) and the IP security driver.C:s lirsgt c:s LMouKE Logitech Filter Driver for Mouse Class.T 2001-, powered by: vBulletin, copyright, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd.Dll javascript Microsoft (R) html Viewer Microsoft Corporation c:windowssystem32mshtml.Exe srservice Performs system restore functions.Dll Shell Application Manager Shell Application Manager Microsoft Corporation c:windowssystem32appwiz.Dll mhtml Microsoft Internet Messaging API Microsoft Corporation c:windowssystem32inetcomm.Dll hklmsoftwareMicrosoftInternet ExplorerToolbar MegaUpload Toolbar MegaUpload d:program debugtoolbar.

Dll Help and Support Shell Doc Object and Control Library Microsoft Corporation c:windowssystem32shdocvw.
Dll FileMenuTools FileMenu Tools DLL LopeSoft - Software desarrollado por Ruben Lopez Hernandez d:program fileslopesoftfilemenu toolsfilemenutools.
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Dll is a Windows Portable Device Shell Service Object from Microsoft Corporation belonging to Microsoft Windows Operating System wpdshserviceobj.
Microsoft Corporation c:s i2omgmt File not found: C:s i8042prt i8042 Port Driver Microsoft Corporation c:s imagedrv nero imagedrive scsi miniport Ahead Software AG c:s imagesrv Nero Image Server Ahead Software AG c:s Imapi imapi Kernel Driver Microsoft Corporation c:s IntcAzAudAddService Realtek(r) High Definition Audio Function.Dll GDI file thumbnail extractor Windows Picture and Fax Viewer Microsoft Corporation c:windowssystem32shimgvw.Exe StartupFaster Startup Faster!Dll nView Desktop Context Menu nvidia Desktop Explorer, Version 111.17 nvidia Corporation c:windowssystem32nvshell.Microsoft Corporation wuauserv Enables the download and installation of Windows updates.If this service is stopped, the registry can be modified only by users on this computer.Dll PicaView PicaView Shell Extension DLL ACD Systems, Ltd.