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Using the blackshot aimbot and wallhack 2012 options compressed1, bundle_files3, and zipfileNone at the same time now works; patch from Alexey Borzenkov.
Pure python modules are compiled into.pyc.pyo files in a temporary directory.
DLL errors may also occur if your PC is infected with a malware or suffers from registry problems.
These error messages appear before your Windows operating system gets fully loaded.Zip file which contains the compiled pure python modules.pyc.pyo files (if you have specified 'zipfileNone' in the setup script this file is append to the.exe files and not present in the dist-directory).Py2exe has a builtin list of some system dlls which are not copied, but this list can never be complete.Your Client did the trick and is greatly appreciated!If the error still persists after step 3, then you will need to run a repair setup of Windows XP to correct the error.

To fix registry errors, you may need to clean your registry with the help of a reliable and efficient registry tool, such.
Better support for Python.5.
For example, specifying would force elevation for the final executable.These files include everything that is needed for your program, and you should distribute the whole directory contents.In a Windows computer HAL is used as an operating system programming layer that allows the operating system to operate with any hardware device, without the need of knowing the specific protocol of that particular device.The bundle-option has been tested with some popular extensions, but of course there's no guarantee that any extension will work in bundled form - be sure to test the executable (which you should do anyway).Dll file in the directory which contains your python.To prevent unicode encoding error, py2exe now by default includes the codecs module and the encodings package.