serial smart card reader driver

In addition, be sure to document the users physical environment.
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Figure 4: Theoretical Smart Card Issuance Process Conduct a Ready-for-Release Milestone Review During the prerelease milestone review, pilot and test results are presented and assessed.Top Of Page Conclusion Microsoft views smart cards as a key component of its PKI support.An additional benefit is that a smart card is locked after the PIN is entered incorrectly several times in a row, making a dictionary attack against a smart card extremely difficult.This format uses a facility code, sometimes also called a site code.Although smart cards are often compared to hard drives, theyre secured drives with a brainthey store and process information.Windows for Smart Cards ensures a consistent experience for application developers and end users.

For example, if a malicious person obtains a users password, that person can assume the users identity on the network simply through use of the password.
The PIN could someday be replaced with a biometric template of the users fingerprint, thus enhancing the non-repudiation aspects of digitally signed email.
They also have segregated areas for protected information, such as certificates, e-purses, and entire operating systems.
The control panel then checks the permission level of the user and determines whether access should be allowed.
The employee provides proof of ID, (sometimes two pieces of ID are required, depending on the card options and the appropriate level of security).Smart Card Service Providers (scsps) expose the noncryptographic services of a smart card to an application through interfaces.Proximity card edit A reader radiates a 1" to 20" electrical field around itself.This situation can occur if the cards are too thick.How much memory is available?These cards are also susceptible to some forms of skimming where external devices are placed over the reader to intercept the data read.The purpose of pcsc-lite is to provide both a cross compatible API for migrating Windows based pcsc applications to Unix and to provide a pluggable architecture for supporting smartcards and cryptographic tokens through high level API's.A secure protocol, such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS is typically used in conjunction with a trusted public key certificate provided by the client that identifies the client to the server.