quarterpole plus pc game

The game features full-motion video footage of race day events with music, voices and digitized sound effects.
As your horses win they advance to the higher classes in Allowances no-cd crack flight simulator 2004 and Stakes.
Owners - Get a stable; pick their trainer, jockey and silks; make race entries or let their trainer; claim horses; buy or sell horses privately; buy unraced horses at auction; collect purses and get to the Winner's circle.
Handicapping - Full past performances and results charts.Results depend on past performances, track conditions, pace, track bias, race positions, running styles and other factors.Large racing colony moves to a new course every 3 months.Whether you want to simulate the experience of owning a horse stable, or just place bets from the sideline as a spectator, Quarterpole Plus is everything you have been looking for -and then some.Quaterpole Plus, a complete racing simulation with all the action expected from live, competitive racing.Also as in real life, race results depend on the horses past performancem track conditions, pace, race positions, running styles, jockey and trainer patterns, weather, and just plain old luck.The game uses a betting system patterned after real racetrack payoff software.Horses - cover a wide range of performance levels with front runners, stalkers and closers.From the Database of, home of the Underdogs, gAME designer: game developer: Action Games.5-14 furlong races, dirt and turf.On paper, things sound fine, with over a thousand horses to race, plenty of jockeys and trainers to choose from and a wide selection of races, cups and classics to enter.Processor 100 MB hard drive space, cD-ROM or DVD drive mouse input device 800x600 resolution min.

A course in handicapping.
Game publisher: Wizard Games, copyright 2002, Action Games, arguably the best horse racing game ever made for PC, Quarterpole Plus from Action Games combines the best of the companys earlier.
Quarterpole and, hooves of Thunder to create the ultimate horse racing simulation.
Stakes, Handicaps, Claiming, Maiden, NW1/2 and Allowances are softwares for puppy linux simulated, as well as different terrain (dirt and turf).Svga color monitors, works with Windows compatible ink jet or laser printers.If you are new to horse racing, dont panic.Other features - Horse chat items, scenes at race courses, art gallery featuring prominent artists.250 unraced 2yos replace older horses each year.The game even has a nice gallery featuring real-life artists works about horses and horse racing.