prototype 2 full version for pc

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The gameplay isn't quite fun enough to forgive the terrible story and awful characterization of the protagonist.
But then again, thank god for control options in the pause menu.
A couple, minor things here and there were cliche but otherwise the storyline was something new and not just a rendition of some other old movie, book, or game.It got 5/6 in all catagories, with InFamous winning in Controls.Temporarily disable/uninstall all antivirus, firewall and other security software.In InFamous, though, you're screwed if that happens, because then you have to run around for a week killing guys for a measily 5 or so points, when your target goal is like 12k something.

InFamous kind of did this too, with Dead Drops, but if you're like me you already found them all before the game even ended.
Prototype 2 is a great game.
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For InFamous you just have to mash the X button to try and climb up a building while enemies below shoot the hell out of you.I mean, you can run up walls.You'll do missions in all of these areas, on your way to confront Alex Mercer.Press square plus cirlce plus R2 for this, and then R1 plus Triangle for this.Press F plus Mouse1 plus E for this, etc.The game is gleefully violent, so those that enjoy GTA for nothing more than the killing sprees and mayhem will feel right at home playing Prototype.