prison break season 2 episode 19

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(Relax, I don't have any fish.) (Well, not now, anyway.).
Michael : Let's.
In fact, their Dad's long-ago defection from the Company turned out to be the catalyst for most of the horrible shit that happened to the two brothers (and anyone who was unlucky enough to cross their paths).Kellerman : Michael Scofield sent it to her?Michael : You are gonna screw this whole thing.So as they join forces, They dont necessarily agree on how to deal with the fact that the person thats the most important to both of them is missing and in danger.Shows his tattoos Ive got 'em.Unearthed, s2, e9, continuity mistake : After Lincoln and LJ have been recognized by the waitress, they speed off down a road.Michael : This can never be fixed.

Over phone Pam : Hello?
If you're watching this, I'm glad.
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He's both chaser and chased, and in season three even ends up joining his quarry behind bars in a hellish, South American prison.
You're not gonna kill.Not today Michael : You never know And Then There Were.11 edit Michael : Still interested in getting in.I?Sara : Michael, everyone knows that nice girls finish last.Michael : We both know your family's fine, although Pam did seem a little upset about you leaving.Michael : Don't think about that now.