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Possibly an Air Evacuation Operation by the usaf or someone else flying C-130s.
Marine Helicopter CH-46 novelty patch "Routine Extract, My Ass!
Has a collector's tag that read: "Cuban Bay of Pigs Issue the only picfile I have seen of BOP prisoners-they were wearing Spot Camo from the kamo Company.
( This section updated on 110207(email history ) ( both patches are also on the Army AVN Main page ) UI#326 - "67 nite eyes G reen Antenna and Electionic Emissions symbol is for radar.Retrieved October 9, 2014.This medal is very similar to the one on this web page http www.Also on Foreign-All Others page, Korean section UI#271 - Probably made in Germany, "samoa MO samoa Samoa for the Samoans found with military patches.UI#40 - Seagull with Bomb.The flag is currently flown by the.350dpi UI#321 - Duck in Red Jockey Clothing with whip riding a Cloud on white Felt, maybe a weather squadron?Removed from an overdyed Black Jungle Shirt.240dpi ( also on usaaf page and Main USN patch page ) UI#322 - Canal Lock and Key patch, Panama Canal Corps of Engineers or?

(additional input: "possible Dress Uniform for the Unknown Soldier's Honor r Special Occasions"?).
Raaf Parachute Jump Instructor for Dress Uniform Top Row, 3rd.
Same pattern used in edominally by the Cambodian Marine Corps called ese uniforms were made in low quantity because the Cambodian military did not want to spent too much money on clothing." Bad photographer - pics are the same shirt, just different lighting back.
"World: Asia-Pacific Reprise for Japan's anthem".
Macv Team 85 was at Muc Hoa."get teady only squadron I can find is the rcaf 404 Squadron but I cannot find any patch pics for them?(ID'd as the 2nd Infantry Division, Division Artillery Aviation section, Camp Stanley, Oui Jon Bu, investor presentation april2 2010 pdf Korea 1975-77 uI#31 - "Fragrant(?) Region 5" and on the reverse is written "1175 7 any ideas on the ID? "vietnam" Titles (2" wide) are crudely cast in brass, possibly cast in Vietnam; Parachute Badge is stamped(well made probably made in Europe with European style loops on backs.( also on Main usaf Squadrons page ) UI#319 - "jets chain-stitched Gold Silver thread on black felt with Red Lightning Bolt, 6 3/8" (vertical could be Military or Civilian sports patch?This one is on page 98 of Bragg and Turners book, Parachute Badges and Insignia of the world." scanned at 266dpi ( also on: British, SF, RVN - 1975 pages ) 221.( stored in gray cabinet ) 207.( also on Ground Forces wwii page ) UI#329 - "usafso Panama Canal" ( United States Air Force Southern Command (or Air Division) in the Panama Canal Zone.Thailand made right - Thai/Lao language means "Pilot Class 11 Thai made ( also on pages: usaf First "Squadrons vnaf, usaf Advisors pages ) UI#117 - Marine Corps or Army?Similar to the Chain-stitching done in the Delta in the 1960s ( also on: usaf sqdns, USN, and usmc pages ) UI#327 - "CIC older hand-embroidered patch, possaibly wwii era UI#327a - "219th maint Anyone know the ID of this unit, I cannot find.