patch 3.1 0 enus patch

Mists of Pandaria, link, název, popis, patch.12.
Dll F764380E 0451F498 0000:00000000 unknown - Thread ID: 35 - 7B88D6A1 043AE9E0 0001:0006C6A1 C:windowssystem32kernel32.dll 7B88D6E5 043AEA00 0001:0006C6E5 C:windowssystem32kernel32.dll 006BF014 043AEA28 0001:002BE014 C:World of WarcraftWoW.
Dll unknown symbol 0 learn html pdf converter to word F764380E start_thread190 F75C6A1E clone94 - Thread ID: 28 - 7BC72AF3 ntdll.
003AF940: BF F 2E BD.?.;.Dll unknown symbol 0 F764380E start_thread190 F75C6A1E clone94 - Thread ID: 46 - 7BC72AF3 ntdll.Exe 7BC6C370 02C5EB48 0001:0005B370 C:windowssystem32ntdll.Dll 0x7EE90000 - 0x7EE97000 C:windowssystem32lz32.dll Memory Dump windows vista enterprise activation key generator Code: 16 bytes starting at (EIP 343BBD2D) 343BBD2D: can't read from this address Stack: 1024 bytes starting at (ESP 003AF7F8) * addr * * 003AF7F0: 20 F8 3A 00 44 3F B6 7E 24.:.D?SET groundEffectDensity "24" x86 Registers, eAX0000000B EBX00000000 ECX0172C008 EDX005E92D0 ESI084E2D88, eDI084E2DA8 EBP003AF810 ESP003AF7F8 EIP343BBD2D FLG00210246.Dll 7B88D516 0DB2E7A4 0001:0006C516 C:windowssystem32kernel32.dll 7E0ACC7C 0DB2E7E4 0001:0002BC7C C:windowssystem32winex11.drv 7ED1757A 0DB2E9B4 0001:0007657A C:windowssystem32user32.dll 7ED175EF 0DB2E9E4 0001:000765EF C:windowssystem32user32.dll 006DB5F7 0DB2EA14 0001:002DA5F7 C:World of WarcraftWoW.Exe 00838AB9 0898EA68 0001:00437AB9 C:World of WarcraftWoW.

Exe unknown symbol 0 00838A84 WoW.
003afaa0: 0C 20 FC 0A F?
Edit: I forgot to put my system specs in here, I am running an HP with an Intel Core i7 processor, 6 gB of DDR3 Ram, Ubuntu.10 and a GeForce GTS 250 GPU.
Exe unknown symbol 0 005E9AA0 WoW.
Dll 7BC7822F 0C6DEA68 0001:0006722F C:windowssystem32ntdll.Exe 7BC6C164 0898EA78 0001:0005B164 C:windowssystem32ntdll.Exe 007E734F 0297EA60 0001:003E634F C:World of WarcraftWoW.SET hwDetect "0 sET gxColorBits "24 sET gxDepthBits "24".Exe 7BC6C370 02aeeb48 0001:0005B370 C:windowssystem32ntdll.003afbb0: C8 FB 3A 00 23 B E8.:.#.B.Dll 7BC74715 08D7F398 0001:00063715 C:windowssystem32ntdll.