null constraint in sql

Referential Integrity Constraints on cracked egg clip art REF Columns The references_clause advanced file organizer keygen of the ref_constraint syntax lets you define a foreign key constraint on the REF column.
Oracle Database lets you create six types of constraints and lets you declare them in two ways.
Do not assume any particular order of evaluation of the conditions.
You can also designate the same column or combination of columns as both a foreign key and a cluster key.For ref_attribute, specify an embedded REF attribute within an object column of a relational table.This setting in effect lets you disable the constraint temporarily while making changes to the database that might violate the constraint until all the changes are complete.You cannot subsequently drop a rowid constraint from a REF column.If you do not specify a constraint name, then Oracle generates a system name for the constraint of the form SYS_Cn.View constraints, because they are unenforced, are usually specified with the rely parameter to make them more useful.If you disable a unique or primary key constraint that is using a unique index, then Oracle drops the unique index.To satisfy a composite foreign key constraint, the composite foreign key must refer to a composite unique key or a composite primary key in the parent table or view, or the value of at least one of the columns of the foreign key must.Restrictions on the using_index_clause The following restrictions apply to the using_index_clause: You cannot specify this clause for a view constraint.However, operations on views are subject to the integrity constraints defined on the underlying base tables.Examples Unique Key Example The following statement is a variation of the statement that created the sample table omotions.

Also, a single column can be part of more than one foreign key.
You can specify the clauses of the using_index_clause in any order, but you can specify each clause only once.
Deferrable Constraint Examples The following statement creates table games with a NOT deferrable initially immediate constraint check (by default) on the scores column: create table games (scores number check (scores 0 To define a unique constraint on a column as initially deferred deferrable, issue the following.If any row in the table violates the integrity constraint, the constraint remains disabled and Oracle returns an error.How do you alter a column value to make it into a not null constraint?The datatype of the department_id column is not needed, because Oracle automatically assigns to this column the datatype of the referenced key.Disable novalidate signifies that Oracle makes no effort to maintain the constraint (because it is disabled) and cannot guarantee that the constraint is true (because it is not being validated).You must specify this clause if you specify AS subquery and the subquery returns user-defined REF datatypes.An enabled validated constraint guarantees that all data is and will continue to be valid.