nikon aw100 reference manual

Then press the Action button on the side of the camera to see the Action menu.
Even after weeks of using the camera, I could not remember simple little things like how you enable/disable GPS recording.
Nikon Coolpix AW100 Image Quality Color : Overall color performance is very good.
The lens itself sits behind a piece of optical glass so digital slr photography 2014-01.pdf it is never in contact with water or the elements.
Keeping prints under 11x14, though, will produce reasonably good images.You'll want a Class 6 card or faster to keep up with Full HD video captures.But not on the Nikon AW100.High-Contrast Monochrome is a disturbing description of black-and-white mode.Look for Class 6 or faster to record HD movies.In the Box The Nikon AW100 retail package includes: Coolpix AW100 camera Camera strap for land use Rechargeable EN-EL12 battery with terminal cover Battery charger (MH-65) with power cable Filter adapter (UR-E23) with tether USB cable (UC-E6) AV cable (EG-CP16) with RC VGA out ViewNX.You really have to press hard.Options, which you select by shaking the camera, include: Shooting mode: Easy Auto, Auto, Beach, Snow, Landscape, Underwater Start/Stop Movie recording (the default) Quick Playback Current Position (when GPS is on Map display You have to press the Action button again to confirm the option.Overall results here are slightly better than average, and color is generally believable and natural.Menu options are available for displaying and recording location names or Points of Interest.

Nikon has gotten it down to a quarter-turn but the principle is still the same.
Then press the menu button.
To load it into the Nikon AW100, you copy the downloaded file to a memory card, insert the card in the AW100 and use a Menu option to update the A-GPS data in the camera.And the Map button won't help you there.For the full product name consult your user manual.A nearby named location can also be recorded.A smile isn't always the best portrait.Turn off GPS when you don't want location data written to the Exif header.The four-way navigator uses the arrow keys to control Flash with the Up arrow, EV with the Right arrow, Macro with the Down arrow, and the Self-Timer with the Left arrow.Nikon has tucked the hdmi and USB ports in there, as well, saving itself from a second book cover page design templates sealed compartment.Macro Macro with Flash Macro : The Nikon Coolpix AW100's Macro mode captures a very small minimum coverage area.88.66 inches (22 x 17 millimeters).We thought print quality was good at 13x19 inches, but the corners were pretty soft.