nikon 50mm manual lens

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Focusing instead on the performance aspects of each lens.
Because it doesnt have an in-built Silent Wave Motor for AF and all star tennis 99 instruction manual pdf is screw driven, the focus speed depends entirely on the body youre using.A few good photos and some solid information as to which of these lenses is the best in areas of sharpness, bokeh, price, and practical use.This means a 50mm lens is no longer a normal prime and is now in the short telephoto range.If you're shooting on a DX (APS-C) body, you're using the sweet spot of the lens.As with most AF-S lenses, you can grab the focus ring at any time for.I brought with me a handful of Nikons most popular 50mm manual focus lenses; the Nikkor 50mm.2,.4,.8, and Series.8, to see what kind of shots each could make.Yes, the three Nikkors share so many traits that they almost defy differentiation, but look closer and the singularity of each becomes clearer.Get one, and get shooting.This is to show each lens true performance, corner-to-corner.

The biggest surprise is the performance of the Series E lens.
And its 50mm focal length is perfect for creating natural perspective in your photographs.
The HSM AF is very fast and very accurate.
This is not an issue, if you know to correct for.But dont take my word for.Unlike the Nikkors, which rotate with a perfect balance of fluidity and weight, the Series E focus ring spins freer than the exercise wheel of an over-caffeinated hamster.Nikon AF 50mm f/1.8D : A classic 50mm prime, this lens is made of polycarbonate and features a matte finish.The most user-friendly scanning software for os x of the bunch, this is the 50mm Nikkor for those who want to shoot a photo and know theyve got an excellent shot, without having to worry too much about post-processing each and every frame for maximum effect.So which lens is best for you?It makes images that are less distorted than any of the other 50mm lenses weve shot, and shares the other Nikkors uncanny knack for exceptionally deep imagery.When casually observing the shots made by these lenses, everything looks really good, and for most shooters any one of these four will be plant tycoon 2 full version pc a winner.Flaring and ghosting are essentially nonexistent with all three lenses.A little weight, and some smudgy wide open action never hurt anyone.