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Syndicated at Wired "Model Behavior: The Mathematics of Juggling Quanta, May 9, 2013.
THE fourth estate, want to know what I'm writing these days?
The Proceedings of the Royal Society B has just announced, that our paper on the range contraction of Scytothalia dorycarpa during the 2011 marine heat wave pdf, was in the top-10 of their most cited 2013 articles.Science paper showing extensive loss of kelp forests in WA following the 2011 marine heatwave.Mosaic, 16 September, 2014.The findings were reported in Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Science pdf, pdf SOM 2008 Interview with Thomas on Wake-up WA (ch 31 live breakfast tv, about our marine climate change research).Rticle on ABC Science about our new paper in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B, where we document the sudden range contraction of Scytothalia during the 2011-marine heat wave pdf.An amazing day out sun, sweat and swat: nothing like a bit of combat to rally the troops for the battle of science.The Protect the Bush Alliance writes about some of the biggest environmental tragedies of 2016.Emma Young meets a former school principal who believes they can.Read the announcement from Elsevier online or pdf.

4 November 2011 Thomas speaks to Radio Australia about seaweeds and climate change.
"The Fuzzball Fix for a Black Hole Paradox quanta, June 23, 2015.
Chievement: Mariah wins third place at the amsa WA Honours student prize night for her presentation Growth and population dynamics of the coral Plesiastrea versipora along a temperature gradient.
Some of the Things That Molecules Do, March 17, 2014.Time constraints forced me to bow out of the column after a year, but it was fun having an outlet for my non-scientific musings.See the list online here or download it as a pdf here.I don't know what Abbas was expecting, but it probably wasn't quirky musings on Alice Cooper,.S.16 September 2014 Media: Tropicalisation of Sydneys temperate reefs."The Future Fabric of Data Analysis Quanta, October 9, 2013.