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The command has the imtoo audio encoder 6 crack ability to crack the bat 3.99.3 fix errors on a volume and recover information from defective disk sectors of a volume.
Choice edit Main article: choice (command) The choice command is used in batch files to prompt the user to select one item from a set of single-character choices.
Exe in Windows NT 2000, 4DOS, 4OS2, 4NT, and a number of third-party solutions allow direct entry of environment variables from the command prompt.Deltree /Y d:path d:path, example deltree c:main-dir (it will remove main-dir including all files and subdirectories contained in it).Choice was introduced as an external command with MS-DOS.0; 1 Novell DOS 7 2 and PC DOS.0.Exe, can still be used.This may be different from the string it prints when it starts.

DR-DOS used a separate command for renaming directories, rendir.
If the exit is used at the primary command, it has no effect unless in a DOS window under Microsoft Windows, in which case the window is closed and the user returns to the desktop.
Some commands are internal built into M; others are external commands stored on disk.This article presents a list of commands used.Normally, it will ask for confirmation of the potentially dangerous action.This command is similar to the Unix which command, which, given an executable found in path, would give a full path and name.These are not processed by the command processor.Often used in batch files to print text out to the user.This command can be used to combine multiple files into target files.Chcp edit The command either displays or changes the active code page used to display character glyphs in a console window.