macromedia director xtras full

100.00 Mac D12 RJ Cooper Associates Kiosk PowerKey Detects system crash and restarts kiosk.
249.00 Win, Mac, SW D5-10 DirectXtras DirectSMS Xtra Send/receive SMS messages via internet to mobile phones, pagers.
100.00 Win,.5-10 Gary Smith Clipboard Xtra Allows copy and paste of anything to/from the clipboard.299.00 Mac Arboretum Systems Klangfarben Xtra Director interface to control Klangfarben player.0 Win, Mac.5-11 Alex da Franca RoboHelp Creates Help systems and documentation for asus ipibl-lb benicia manual desktop and web-based applications, including.NET and Rich Internet Applications 999.00 Win N/A Adobe Import / Export awaImage Xtra Image I/O Xtra that supports major file formats of BMP, JPG, tiff, PNG.0 Win, Mac D10-11.5 Valentin Schmidt Ultimatedbio Create Database Connections with any database type such as SQL, MySQL, Access, Excel.180 Win, Mac D11 E-craft Brenda the Batch Renderer Batch dithering to a super palette.When working with script in Director and Authorware you do not have to have installed accord window leaves a crack any programs or libraries on your computer.

For many years, Director's development has been limited and companies selling Xtras ceased updating and selling their products.
0 Win D6-10 Meliora Software MasterApp Xtra Launch, monitor and control external apps.
0 Win D12 Twain Xtra Captures images from any twain-compliant scanner, digital camera or other device to Director cast members.
StarSoft Multimeida DisplayRes Xtra Query and change current monitor resolution and color depth if possible.
299.00 Win supports D6-10 Zeus Productions zScript Send and receive Apple Events.180.00 (single) 325.00 (both) Mac Dirigo Multimedia f3VideoCapture Captures video and shows video on Director stage.In an attempt to raise its brand profile all Macromedia players prepended Shockwave to their names in the late 1990s.It provides full scripting control over wrapped object by means of VbScriptXtra.Creates cue points compatible with Director.StarSoft Multimedia Sib Icon Editor Create and edit projector icons in either standard or custom sizes.19.95 Win, Mac,.5-11 ISOinteractive One Sprite Widgets Behaviors and a related castlib for creating and using various 'widgets' (controls including buttons, dropdown menu, treeview.