mac reset open firmware

Either don't keep OS 9 disks online or ensure you have selected passwords under the Multiple Users control panel.
Dual Booting, although most readers won't need to foundation redefine your core pdf set up a machine for "dual boot that is, being able to boot into one of two different operating systems, you only need one extra OFW command to enable.
Simply download the installer, run the single screen configuration, and reboot your machine to solidify your password protection.Before we go any further, you'll have to check whether your computer has the necessary firmware.The client is part of Mac OS X-to ssh out to another host, just say "ssh m" and you've got an SSH connection, assuming the host runs an SSH server.While you're there, "Hot Corners" provides a convenient way to start the screen saver-which should now be a screen lock-just by dragging the mouse off a given corner of the screen.You can now use the machine as usual, boot from an external drive, or whatever else.OpenSSH, the free, open-source implementation of SSH, the Secure Shell protocol.Other choices for dual-booting, if you need the capabilities of the other system, are NetBSD and Linux/PPC.To enable the SSH server, look in twin disc 514c manual System Preferences - Sharing and check the box for Remote Login.Return to the Mac DevCenter.Or, I can type the cryptic boot hd tbxi (note that with command mode, I have to enter OFW, then type any command that requires a password, then type the boot command above.Sun's at least gives you a list of commands by category.

Do, nOT try to set the password using the nvram command or using setenv in OFW.
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Most Macs have the software based password protection enabled only in the form of a user login and password.Actually these do ship with OS X, but there is no way to enable these services from the System Preferences, which is a step in the right direction.Finally, the fewer "sharing options" you enable, the less likely you are to suffer a hull breach when the crackers attack from deep in cyberspace.I use this feature.As an aside, your login password should not be the same as the "bios password" set earlier.Next, set the firmware password by typing password and entering your password twice (for verification).Alternately, I could have left this setting alone and used "boot" to get Mac OS and "boot hd ofwboot" to boot OpenBSD (right now you cannot use the graphical boot chooser to boot into OpenBSD from the hard drive).Go to System Preferences - Personal - Screen Effects - Activation, and ensure that "Use my user account password" is selected.There are times when you want nary a finger but your own fiddling with your computer.As per the install instructions for OpenBSD, I set the boot-device to be "hd ofwboot" after installing the file ofwboot in the root of the HFS partition.