lords of the realm 2 1.03 patch

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AI units will now move out of burning castle walls.
This readme file includes information that pertains to general problems and questions you may have concerning the game or your computer.
Units will no longer be left behind when entering a seige tower.Increased the movment speed of units between containers.Special investigaciгіn y ciencia pdf abilities marked as army splash are now affecting the other companies in that army.House dispositions are saved with saved games instead of resetting to neutral.This document contains information about lords OF THE realm III and other information about the program not found in the Help Files.Replacing a knight on a parcel will no longer reduce the garrison to starting levels.

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See full changelog changes TO lords OF THE realm III.1 patch, game crashes.
PCGamingWiki Community, files, game fixes, official patches.Privacy Policy Community Forum Software by ard.4.6.This is a patch for Lords of the Realm III originally marked as version.1, it has been updated to reflect the true version number.01.Shields on historaical battle maps more accuretly represent the actual start location of the troops.Should you experience any problems with lords OF THE realm III, please refer to this file for additional help on answering questions about the game and solving technical difficulties.