logitech extreme 3d pro tutorial

Then save your stick settings aswell and just switch between them, i noticed that different planes probably require different settings aswell, so save, cash cow 2 game save, d have fun!
They don't cost that much comparatively speaking to the amount of work (and possible loss of device) involved in turning a joystick into a "proper" shifter.
If you don't want to buy a shifter you could also make your own quite easily if you have tools for.
Secondly, you don't actually have to have FFB to make a shifter.For instance, my G940 is really horrible.Used the War Thunder preconfigured setup, only changed some buttons to my liking and what can i say?Anyway i already noticed, that i start to rely more and more on my ears for incoming planes from behind, so thats okay.I really like it, its indeed beginner friendly, of course i had and still have some crashes while take off and from time to time i tend to get into spins with hitting the ground, but its really fun to fly with a stick.They just don't exist in the retailers and distributors any more because FFB joysticks are too much of a niche market nowadays.Just one advice for people who like to continue playing mousecontrol RB aswell as SB with a stick, save your mousecontrol settings before you start to configure your stick, ive spent ages to get it back to what it was before.The only problem i have is how to look around while flying, ive set up the view on that "jog-dial" (dont know how its real name is) on top of the stick, but i cant really look around, its just left, right, up and down.Add to that the overheating issues and poor resolution in general (both FFB strength and potentiometer/sensor accuracy) and you get something that can hardly be used for anything serious.

The problem with most FFB sticks is that they are simply not good enough for the users who would use them.
It has really low frequency in the updates it gets which makes it shake itself to pieces if you try doing anything with precision.
You can turn any joystick into a shifter if you modify it slightly (physically) but the amount of work you will put into that isn't worth it imho.
But since EC is on for SB i bought a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro ( 49,99) and just started right away.Never was into SB the last two years and mainly flew.First of all, there's plenty of FFB sticks on the market today.I don't have the tools for such a project so i bought a Thrustmaster TH8A shifter and i love.If you ask me, it's better to get yourself a shifter suited for the purpose.We ve got the answers, videos, downloads and information you need.Search for articles or select a topic below to get.Extreme 3D Pro Joystick.With advanced controls and a twist-handle rudder, this joystick stays stable and precise through a acrobatic dogfight or a long-range.But since EC is on for SB i bought a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro ( 49,99) and just started right away.