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Several Samsung products are already running Tizen, Samsung Gear 2 being the most significant example.
152 North Korea's Red Star OS, developed since 2002, is based on a version of Fedora Linux.
107 It was later merged with Intel 's Moblin, another Linux-based operating system, stress distribution around crack tip to form MeeGo.
These projects are based on the GTK and Qt widget toolkits, respectively, which can also be used independently of the larger framework.LYN -ks 10 11 ) is a, unix-like computer operating system assembled under the model of free and open-source software development and distribution.Retrieved September 15, 2009.Linux is not the only such operating system, although it is by far the most widely used.Linux vendors and communities combine and distribute the kernel, GNU components, and non-GNU components, with additional package management nintendo 64 emulator and games software in the form of Linux distributions."Best Linux distros of 2016: Something for everyone".Linux distributions have long been used as server operating systems, and have risen to prominence in that area; Netcraft reported in September 2006, that eight of the ten most reliable internet hosting companies ran Linux distributions on their web servers.Profession-specific distributions include Ubuntu Studio for media creation and dnalinux for bioinformatics.Nokia 's Maemo, one of the earliest mobile operating systems, was based on Debian.Since 2009, Google has also provided funding to the Wine project.New Bay Media, LLC.

"The Linux Kernel Archives: Frequently asked questions".
Retrieved September 9, 2006.
Torvalds has also stated that if 386BSD had been available at the time, he probably would not have created Linux.C standard library open exec sbrk socket fopen calloc.System rescue edit Linux Live CD sessions have long been used as a tool for recovering data from a broken instruction manual nikon coolpix 5000 computer system and for repairing the system.Written by, clem on Thursday, June 30th, 2016 @ 12:43.Look at the Numbers!".Linux is also used in stage lighting control systems, such as the WholeHogIII console.