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In fact, as a girl, she would enter regional and national competitions for chemistry while avidly reading biographies about scientists.
This Passage Question Set and related Vocabulary materials align to the following Common Core Anchor Standards: Passage Question Set,.
In her free time, aside from research,.
As she continues her research,.
Milanovic enjoys being surrounded by friends, learning about different car game pc angry bird cultures and giving back by helping others.Young Investigator Award, Brain and Behavior Research Foundation Award.L.6, full Standards Descriptions,.She explains, The scientific way of thinking is sharp and mathematical, but in order to see a big picture, artistic creativity is necessary.These early interests formed her attraction to the secrets of neuroscience: small molecules in the brain and work with psychiatric patients.R.10, read and comprehend complex literary and informational texts independently and proficiently.

Milanovic enjoys art and music.
Sarasota Opera Benefit, Southwest Florida Investigator.
R.1, read closely to determine what the text says explicitly and to make logical inferences from it; cite specific textual evidence when writing or speaking to support conclusions drawn from the text.R.2, determine central ideas or themes of a text and analyze their development; summarize the key supporting details and ideas.Young Investigator Award, National Alliance for Research of Schizophrenia and Depression (narsad).Additionally, she enjoys cooking, yoga and meditation.In fact, she has formed a theater club that encourages her to continue to develop her passion for theatrical arts.Kirschstein National Research Service Award.