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Yuri from Yu Gi Oh arcv, as well.
One is constantly mistaken for a girl, the other is often mocked for his ear rings.
Holds a Captain's commission in the Army, after having received a Bronze Star on an Afghan tour of ieframe dll error in duty, having dragged several soldiers out of a burning Humvee.
Kuja the Evil Sorcerer from Final Fantasy IX not only looks the part, but also receives flak from Queen Brahne about how girly he looks.
Martin 's A Song of Ice and Fire : Ser Loras Tyrell"the Knight of Flowers"is repeatedly described as beautiful and effeminate.The show's greatest stunt?The brothers buy a time-machine on TV-shop, and are thrown 1000 years back in time.Is a fashionable gentleman with effeminate mannerisms and a childishness emphasized with his use of a Toon deck.Monty Python's The Meaning of Life.Well-dressed, well-groomed and openly gay, he's also an extremely gifted and talented mage from the Tevinter Imperium.The narcissism gets better however he stays quite a girly boy throughout the series.

It still maintains a much larger and more fanatical following there than among fans from anywhere else, to the point that many Japanese fans were surprised to discover that it was created by an American, as it was considered to be "very Japanese" in style.
Pee-wee's Big Adventure : Being the first feature length film by Tim Burton as well as having Pee-Wee Herman go on a road trip in order to find his Cool Bike, it was almost guaranteed a spot on this page.
This trope may sometimes (but not always) overlap with Cliché Storm.
Pagan Min from Far Cry.
The events that happen in the episode are very surreal, and their resolutions more.The same seems to apply to the Avro Vulcan, which happens to look more like a fighter plane than a bomber.Same goes for its predecessor, Kinnikuman.It's almost impossible imagine anyone more camp than Dorian and yet he's a world renowned art thief and keeps avoiding capture by everyone.And that's just the premise.Rick and Morty falls more on the bizarre end of this trope.Raoul de Beausoleil from Margaret Weiss's Star of The Guardians and Mag Force 7 series certainly fits this description.