international iso standard 10631

ISO 6182-5:1995, fire protection - Automatic sprinkler systems - Part 5: Requirements and test methods for deluge valves.
ISO 5752:1982, metal valves for use in flanged pipe systems; Face-to-face and center-to-face dimensions.
Bolted bonnet steel gate valves, iSO 6182-1:2004, fire protection - Automatic sprinkler systems - Part 1: Requirements and test methods for sprinklers.
ISO 4401:1994, hydraulic fluid power - Four-port directional control valves - Mounting surfaces.For more enquires and comment, call us at Tel :, Fax :, E-Mail : Copyright, disclaimer, privacy Policy.It uniblue powersuite 2014 with crack is not applicable for flexible pipelines or those constructed from other materials, such as glass-reinforced plastics.B82462A4104K, lL4148, sMCJ20CA-E3/57T MAX4236eutt mbrs1540T3G 2N7002LT1G ftsh-105-01-L-DV-K GRM188R71H104KA93D MJD50T4G RC0402JR-070RL BAT54C FX11A-100S/10-SV(71) mwdm2L-37scbsr4U-.080 NC7SZ04M5X E1LF BLM18AG601SN1D crcw08050000Z0EA ERJ-3GEY0R00V TMS320F28335pgfa ZHB6718TA mmbt2222ALT1G RC0603FR-0710KL STM706TM6F 1N4148WS-7-F crcw060310K0fkea SI5338A-A-GM B340A-13-F BD682G DF14A-6P-1.25H(56) GRM155R60J105KE19D NUP2105LT1G tsff AC138SCX ABS07-32.768KHZ-T A5 5000 88E1111-B2-BAB1I000 BAS316,115 cstce12M0G55-R0 GRM188R60J106ME47D GRM21BR71H105KA12L S34ML01G100TFI000 1N4148WS-V-GS08 5015 BLM18PG121SN1D.Asia, china, europe, north America 96BB2-006-F, m83513/19-E01NW, m83513/13-B02NT, c M12-26PA.Live Electronic Component Stock and Price Searches.Industrial valves; multi-turn valve actuator attachments.It is not intended that it apply retroactively to existing pipeline systems.ISO 5599-3:1990, pneumatic fluid power; five-port directional control valves; part 3: code system for communication of valve functions.

ISO 13623:2009 applies to rigid, metallic pipelines.
ISO 6182-3:1993, fire protection; automatic sprinkler systems; part 3: requirements and test methods for dry pipe valves.
ISO 5781:2000, hydraulic fluid power - Pressure-reducing valves, sequence valves, unloading valves, throttle valves and check valves - Mounting surfaces.
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ZNU9-19PA, fT232RL-reel 1N4148, bLM21PG221SN1D, bSS138 1N4148WS 2N7002, aT45DB321D-SU, mMBT2222A, bAV99.ISO 4422-4:1997, pipes and fittings made of unplasticized poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC-U) for water supply - Specifications - Part 4: Valves and ancillary equipment.ISO 13623:2009 describes the functional requirements of pipeline systems and provides a basis for their safe design, construction, testing, operation, maintenance and abandonment.Live Price for Stock Insight and Datasheet Searches.Mmbt3904LT1G 292303-1, aCS712elctr-20A-T, mC78L05achx 5001 500C122T250BA2B, lM7805CT, pGB1010603MR, sTM32F103C8T6 2N2222A, mCP23S17-E/SS.ISO 6182-2:1993, fire protection; automatic sprinkler systems; part 2: requirements and test methods for wet alarm valves, retard chambers and water motor alarms.SO 5599-1:2001, pneumatic fluid power - Five-port directional control valves - Part 1: Mounting interface surfaces without electrical connector.ISO 6264:1998, hydraulic fluid power - Pressure-relief valves - Mounting surfaces.Popular Electronic Component Stock and Price Searches by Region.ISO 13623:2009 applies to pipeline systems on land and offshore, connecting wells, production plants, process plants, refineries and storage facilities, including any section of a pipeline constructed within the boundaries of such facilities for the purpose of its connection.