instruction manual rca universal remote control

If you have entered the code in correctly or picked a code that works with that received, the green light that is directly underneath the DirectTV logo will flash twice.
The light will blink and then remain lit.
2, if the light blinked four times and then turned off, the code may have been entered incorrectly.Not all functions may be cyberlink power2go serial crack available on the universal remote.What do I do?If you still cant program the code with this method, try using the Code Search button (if there is one) or doing a Manual Code Search.In some cases, such as a combined VCR/DVD key, you may need to select which device you're programming by using a number key while holding down the device key.

Press Stop to lock it into your remote.
Check your remote's instructions for these number key options.
If the device didn't originally come with a remote, you won't be able to use a universal remote with.
Repeat this until the device shuts off.Once the proper code is found (typically after about five seconds the device will turn off.This means that it has recognized you have entered a pin and is now configuring the remote control to the receiver.There will probably be a handful of different codes that can be used, but just pick one.WikiHow Contributor Use the code search function explained in this article or look in the owner's manual for the DVD player.If the device shuts off, you've found the correct code.If youre unable to do an automatic code search and are cannot enter the device code manually, try a Manual Code Search.WikiHow Contributor See whether the battery needs to be replaced.If you go through the whole list without finding a matching code, the light on the remote will blink four times and then shut off.