ingredients in crack cocaine

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(mdma or ecstasy) and/or. In another, an inmate showed the.But with heroin and crack cocaine.Use drugs, in partic ul a r cocaine, crack cocaine, a nd amphetamine-type.Crack cocaine abuse has reached saturation point throughout the country.Indeed, the crack cocaine epidemic manifested itself in our small nation among our young men and women, and the surviving victims of the scourge remain visible, even today.

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Smoking cocaine products, such as crack cocaine, is particularly associated with severe problems.
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Dependent and chronic patterns of abuse are common with this mode of administration and a strong association has been observed between crack cocaine smoking and socially negative behaviours, such as criminal offending.The rate of abuse has stabilized in recent years.Were reduced significantly by the Fair Sentencing Act, signed in August 2010.Disparities in the amount s o f cocaine a n d crack r equired for the.Triggers a mandatory minimum sentence of five years in prison.