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Thank you for your interest in Tradewinds Manual J Design Studio.
Tradewinds is considered by other industry professionals as a Manual J power user.
We are now able to design hvac systems for foamed homes based on real life experience.
The literature review, attached as Appendix A, identifies and briefly summarizes published information on (i) thermophysical properties of concrete and concrete walls, (ii) thermal behavior of concrete walls, including work performed to support the development of energy codes, (iii) general dynamic link libeay32 dll information on sizing hvac equipment.The designer needs to specify an insulated slab to overcome this problem.We have over 15 years of experience performing Manual J load calculations and are considered by some to be among the top hvac system designers in the country.Manual J Design Studio, executive Summary, tradewinds Appropriate Technologies is a third party licensed Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (hvac) company that specializes in hvac system design, analysis, validation and troubleshooting.The software developed for this report is available from the Portland Cement Association.Consequently, many hvac contractors mistakenly install oversized equipment in high efficiency homes.Purpose of Custom Load Calculations, many local codes now require Manual J and Manual S calculations for every new home and remodel that changes the load of the house.As the number of spray foam contractors significantly increased in our service area, we found we could better serve our customers by focusing on system design and performance testing of building envelopes, insulation and hvac systems.Tradewinds is also an approved training provider for Elite Software.Unfortunately, most contractors are afraid to change this long habit of guesstimating.The program Users Manual is attached as Appendix.Some of their customers are complaining that its raining in their house.

They further compound the error by assuming that the nominal capacity of hvac equipment is equal to its actual installed output.
As a third party, we dont install or repair equipment; we simply provide quality assurance for hvac and spray foam contractors by designing and testing systems from an independent, unbiased perspective.
Since 2003, Tradewinds has certified energy star homes.
It is an all too common mistake when completing a load calculation alone to miscalculate the equipment size.In 2005, Tradewinds bought and refurbished a spray foam machine.These courses focus on the basics of system design, duct design, mechanical ventilation and dehumidification with special emphasis on the proper design of hvac systems for foam homes.These design procedures are vital for spray foam, ICF and SIP homes, but they are even necessary for homes built to the energy star guidelines or even to the new iecc codes.If you feel warm or clammy when the thermostat says you should be cool and comfortable, check your humidity levels.